2016-10-04 | 11:29:02

The New Mortgage Rules and First Time Home Buyers

The mortgage world was aflutter yesterday as a new rule was announced by the Minister of Finance. A new rule that blindsided us all, we all knew something was coming, but we didn’t expect it to be this. We’ve all seen the media stories the last...

2016-04-08 | 14:08:18

All Mortgages Are Not Created Equally

Are all mortgages created equally? In short the answer is no. There is a common misunderstanding that the only thing that differentiates one lender from another is mortgage rate. So the consumer is left with the perception that if they got the lowest...

2016-02-12 | 10:01:33

Mortgage Rates

 As we mentioned in our last post this blog series is going to work through the categories listed on our Mortgage Comparison Worksheet. The first category on the sheet is RATE. We start our comparison with rate because it is often the most over used...

2016-01-14 | 13:40:35

Why Should We Be Your Mortgage Broker? This Is Why:

About a year ago we decided to take a look at our business model and how we serve our clients to see where we could make changes and improvements. As anyone who runs their own business knows this is an important thing to do as the ability to change...

2015-06-13 | 13:59:41

Long Terms vs Short Terms and the Rate Shock Factor

Remember the 10 year fixed 3.99% frenzy of about three years ago?! We sure do! We moved quite a few clients into a ten year mortgage at that time. The thought being that rates could not possibly get any lower, in order to protect our client’s from ...

2015-05-14 | 16:38:08

Foreign Ownership...Is It an issue or not ?

There has been a great deal of scrutiny as of late on whether or not foreign buyers are having an effect on the rising price of real estate in Vancouver. Some of that attention was a result of a recent online petition which has seen in excess of 20...

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