Why Should We Be Your Mortgage Broker? This Is Why:

2016-01-14 | 13:40:35

About a year ago we decided to take a look at our business model and how we serve our clients to see where we could make changes and improvements. As anyone who runs their own business knows this is an important thing to do as the ability to change and evolve with your customers needs is very important. What we found was that we wanted to involve our clients more in the process.

We have always prided ourselves on our ability to listen to our client’s needs and goals and find solutions that will work for them. However we realized that we often end up making the choice for our clients and only presenting to them the one lender that we think is the best fit. So we started brainstorming, how can we include our clients in that choice process? Over the last year we have developed what we believe is a rather unique way of addressing that shortcoming and involving our clients in the process, and we’re pretty excited about it!

We still listen closely and gather as much information from our clients as we can to determine what features in a mortgage are most important to them. But now, rather than simply picking a lender for our clients based on what we think will best suit them, we let them pick! How do we do this? We have developed what we call a Mortgage Comparison Worksheet. We compile a list of the top lender choices for a particular client (this can be anywhere from 2 or 3 lenders to 5 or 6 depending on the client’s specific situation) and lay them out side by side and break down each lenders offering into categories so that the client can easily compare each lenders product details. Some of these categories are: rate, prepayment allowance, penalty calculations, portability, payment options, and many more. This gives our client not only the ability to choose their own lender, but also allows them to do it from an informed point of view.

The feedback on this new system has been incredible, simply put, our clients love it! And we love it! Not only does it put our clients in the driver’s seat when making one of the largest and most important financial decisions of their life, but it also opens up the door to conversations. It gives us an opportunity to educate our clients on some of the lesser known, but just as important, mortgage features. We are now guided by the value proposition that we present different lenders mortgages explaining each one and their different conditions to our clients so that they can choose the mortgage features, and therefore lender, who best meets their needs, because it is their mortgage, their money, and should be their choice.

Over the next several months we will break our new Mortgage Comparison Worksheets down by category and cover each one independently in order to give you an idea as to why each of these categories is so important to consider when choosing your lender.


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