2015-04-01 | 17:16:23

Yahooo! Property Valuation Reports to Serve You Better!

As you probably already know, we are VERY excited about this great new tool that we now have access to. Using Purview for Mortgage Brokers we can now access real time property valuation reports. This means that every year when we do our annual review...

2015-03-26 | 11:43:26

The Downside to Collateral Mortgages

So far in this blog series we have defined collateral mortgage charges, talked about how collateral mortgages are used, and identified the pros of having a collateral mortgage. Now let’s talk about the downside to having a collateral mortgage...

2015-03-18 | 19:42:38

The Pros of Collateral Mortgages

Now that we know what collateral mortgages are and how they are used let's talk about the advantage to having a collateral mortgage.The advantage of this form of mortgage is that once it is registered by your lender you will not require additional...

2015-03-17 | 09:49:51

I Don't Need a Mortgage Broker, I've got Good Credit!

There is a common misconception out there that Mortgage Brokers are only for people who are credit challenged. While it is true that brokers have access to products specifically for dented credit, it is not at all true that those are the only people...

2015-03-16 | 14:23:17

The Debt Shuffle

A recent Globe and Mail story spoke about a Royal Bank of Canada (RBC) report in January which put the average Canadian debt at 163% of the average Canadian annual income. This is a growth of 4.6% over the previous year. Credit card debt rose by only...

2015-03-13 | 14:00:15


If you're a fan of our Monday Mortgage Tips from our Fitzwilliam Mortgage Corp Facebook page then you have come to the right place! Here you will find a complete list of every tip we have ever posted, enjoy!1. Take advantage of your pre-payment...

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